Cheryl Dufault Designs

About the Artist

I loved the process of connecting to my heart, seeking to satisfy my vision and creative passion to provide women and men a sophisticated and timeless alternative to machine tooled jewelry, I created Cheryl Dufault Designs in 1999. Recently I have added custom home designed jewelry and accessories to my collection. My philosophy is creating designs inspired by nature in motion, silhouettes, textures and colors as well as with providing a new perspective utilizing precious stones, semi-precious stones and diamond components forming an elegance that can be worn for a lifetime.

 I aspire to incorporate vintage and discovered objects from all over the world that tell a story of ancient civilizations, unique cultures, emblematic meanings and the wonderment of nature to create hand fabricated original pieces. This also allows me to fulfill a personal commitment to work with native craftsman who share my personal philosophy, as well as a sense of community, along with lessoning carbon footprints utilizing vintage pieces breathing new life and setting them on a fresh journey. Many of my relationships, with these artisans, from around the globe stretch out over twenty years. These relationships have manifested themselves in an unrivaled variety of authentic and beautiful artifacts that are woven in some of my one of a kind designs.

 I hope you will be able to see this in my pieces as well, and enjoy wearing them as much as I have loved designing them.